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Campari 750ml


Campari is a dark-red alcoholic liqueur considered as an aperitif. It is obtained from the infusion of herbs and fruits in alcohol and water. Campari has prominent uses in cocktails and is commonly served with water or citrus juice.

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Campari is a dark red aperitif. It is a result of the infusion of over 60 herbs, aromatic plants, and fruit in alcohol and water. The liqueur is rich in light floral notes on the nose with hints of herbal aromas, aged orange peel, ruby red grapefruit with a heady peppery spirit tingle. It develops a bitterness, yet refreshing taste on the palate with sweet hints of syrupy orange zest, mint, cherry, and honey. The finish is a long, lingering quinine, zesty orange, and orange pith bitterness.




700ml Bottle

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