Refreshing cocktails in 2017

Cocktails we Enjoyed Making in 2017.

We made several refreshing cocktails in 2017 – our fast first year. We looked forward to Thursdays when we shared the recipes with you. It is our hope that you had fun trying them out just as much as we did when making them. We had our favourites as well. Below are some that we enjoyed making and sipped with our eyes closed.

  1. Blue Hawaii Cocktail

This one we liked for its refreshing, tropical nature. Who does not appreciate some blue on a sunny afternoon? The fresh mandarin scent from the blue Curacao made drinking the Blue Hawaii feel like a much-needed escape from the hustles and bustles of the city: the fastest time-travel to a resort somewhere in an undisturbed land, surrounded by beauty, peace, and serenity. The Blue Hawaii hastened our countdown to summer.Blue Hawaii Cocktail garnished with orange wedge.

  1.  Citrus Whiskey Punch.

We enjoyed making this for its uniqueness and simplicity. Throw in some lemons, sugar a little bit of bourbon then garnish with cinnamon sticks. No brainer. And to think that we could make it in larger quantities and for cheap made this recipe stand out even more. Most of our team members resorted to try this with their families during this festive season.citrus whiskey punch

  1. Mimosa Cocktails

We substituted coffee for the varietals of this recipe almost everyday and enjoyed it in our office. From the Bloody Mary, to the Classic Mimosa and the Turned-up Mimosa – which included some Triple sec (this one we made on Mondays when we needed that extra kick!). Mimosa Cocktails made 2017 mornings worth looking forward to.Mimosa Cocktail

There goes our top 3. Which one was your favourite from our list of recipes? Share with us in the comments! Also, feel free to suggest some that you would like to see us try in 2018.

Cheers to the new year!


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