Monkey shoulder whiskey served cold.

Monkey Shoulder – The Whiskey Brand.

Nomenclature is one of the most important things in product development. You want a catchy name that speaks for itself. One that will have people buying and talking about long after a purchase. Whisky is no different. To find that perfect name, one has a choice to either go the family name route or the geographical way. There are also those who choose a more creative path; something out of the normal, like in the naming of Monkey Shoulder, for example.Monkey shoulder whiskey served cold.

Why Monkey Shoulder?

The Monkey Shoulder is quite a unique name for a whisky brand. Why would anyone choose such a name for a whisky brand? You may be wondering. It is probably one of the most interesting stories out there in the history of naming alcoholic brands. In ancient times, maltmen manually turned barley for whiskey production. Working for long hours in this state resulted in the condition, ‘Monkey Shoulder’, where their hands would hang low, like those of monkeys.

Monkey Shoulder is still one of the few distilleries that manually turns barley globally, without the long working hours and extended arms, of course. Monkey Shoulder has a rich history being the world’s first triple malt. What’s more, the triple malt, first blended by legendary Malt Master, David Stewart, is made by combining single malts from three of Speyside’s finest distilleries.

The whisky’s mellow taste sets it apart from other brands. Moreover, the maturation of Monkey Shoulder takes place in ex-bourbon casks that are specially repaired to impart a smooth and mellow vanilla flavour. The malt goes down well with anything. Its expressive nature allows one to invent own cocktails or go for the tried and tested recipes.

What we know is that your hands will be hanging low to reach out for the next bottle of Monkey Shoulder once you get a taste of this finesse.

Monkey Shoulder will be available at Oaks & Corks from Wednesday, 25th October 2017. Click here to pre-order.

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