Drinking games - Beer pong

Drinking Games to Play With Friends.

Whether you are having a birthday party or a simple get together with friends, and you wish to raise the tempo in a more fun way, then some motivation is always welcome. Below are some few drinking games you can always try with your friends at home.

What you need: Drinks (beer or whiskey), party cups and of course, people.

  1. Straight Face

How to play: Each player is to pick a piece of paper and write a sentence on it then place the paper at a principal place. The general rule is that the sentences written should be hard to read while keeping a straight face. So, make them witty. One after the next, ask the participants to randomly pick a piece and read the sentence aloud. Whoever does not keep a neutral facial expression while reading must drink. The host decides the number of shots.

Keeping a straight face

  1. Flip Cups

How to play: Serve multiple shots of whiskey and place them on a table from one end to the other, on the opposite sides of a table, with two friends standing on each side. On the count of three, ask them to begin drowning the shots from end to end. Whoever finishes first wins. The host may add a twist to make losing less fun; for example, loser takes 3 more shots of whiskey.

Flip cups

  1. Most Likely

How to play: Ask your friends to sit in a circle then, starting with the host, ask them to begin asking questions, one at a time, then the rest of the group to answer while pointing at the ‘most likely.’ Whoever gets most fingers pointed at them will drink or take whiskey shots just as much. An example of such questions would be, “Who is the most likely to doze off when watching a movie?”

  1. Paranoia

How to play: As the host, ask your friends to sit in a circle then whisper a question to whoever is on your immediate left. The question and the corresponding answer should be someone present in the room. Whoever you ask this question is to shout the answer. The question is to remain a mystery until the person whose name is mentioned drinks. An example of such questions would be, “Who is the laziest person in the room?”

Paranoia Drinking game

  1. Drink While You Think

How to play: Ask your friends to sit in a small circle then the host to name a celebrity, say Michael Jackson. Whoever is on their left is required to mention a different celebrity whose name begins with the first letter as the other one, say Mariah Carey. One must take whiskey shots while they think of the name. Meaning, the faster you think, the better for you.

  1. Beer Pong

Have 10 party cups filled half-way with beer on opposite ends of a table, then two friends take turns in throwing a ping pong ball, one shot each, aiming for the cups. If one makes a cup, then the opponent drinks the beer in it. One wins by making the opponent drink all the beer on their end of the table. To make it more interesting, the host can add a twist to it; looser takes a shot (or 2) of whiskey. The host sets the rules.

So, next time you are indoors, plotless, and bored, invite some friends over for some drinking games!



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