Budweiser Beer

Budweiser Beer Should Your Next Drink. Here’s why.

Like most, the making of Budweiser Beer includes classic five; Barley malt, water, yeast, hops and water. But what makes Budweiser refreshingly different from the rest is more.

Budweiser Beer
(Photo by Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Budweiser is brewed using fresh, verdant rice-milled, polished, graded and immediately brewed for that crisp taste and remarkably smooth finish. The Brewmasters test the filtered water daily for purity, only the most aromatic hops are selected to create Budweiser’s distinctive taste. And the barley malt, hand-selected from regional growers all across America. You know that phrase-looking for happiness in all the wrong places? Well, this is here is the right place because the taste is that of the real American dream.

Below are some few of the many reasons you should be seen with a Bud in hand. (Tempted to say a Bud in hand is worth 10 in the bar, but Naah.)

1. A Bud for Your Tastebuds

Sounds clever, and sweet to write, because it is! One thing that makes Budweiser a favourite to many is its character; medium-bodied, flavorful, crisp American-style lager.

2. Anheuser-Busch (the brewing company) was the first to pasteurize beer.

If someone somewhere (read Anheuser-Busch ) quietly sat and decided that, “You know what, beer ought to be pasteurized. This is how it should be done.” And they got it done, then surely, they must have thought about everything else. They got us covered fam!

3. Regular Donors.

No, we are not talking about blood donation here, but soon we may be. (Never underestimate these people’s capabilities.) This is about the 74 million cans of water that have been so far donated for disaster relief. In fact, 2018 marks exactly 30 years since they set out to do this in 1998. They step up for their people in time of need. Let that sink in. Smoothly.

4. FIFA World Cup 2018

Can you imagine that? They made it to the FIFA World Cup! (As sponsors, of course). But one thing; if there was to be a world cup for only beer brewers, Budweiser would be a force to reckon with. Hell, Budweiser would have been the Brazil of beers. (We’re willing to bet our online shop on this). But until that happens, we are grateful for the opportunity to enjoy a good drink while cheering on our favourite teams in this year’s world cup!

5. JimBud

(Remember Sinbad? Totally unrelated.)
We believe in saving the best for last, and this, this is the best news since the invention of… bananas?  The great men at Jim Beam and Budweiser are busy right now putting their brilliance to task to produce a bourbon barrel-aged drink. And no, JimBud is not the name, but we think it would make a cool one, don’t you? Just think of it as a cocktail of sorts, for now.

Understandably, you are getting impatient now; can’t wait to sip! It happens to the best of us. Luckily for you, we did some digging. The anticipated taste is something like a toasty oak aroma and nutty taste, with caramel and vanilla notes. But then again some things, like good taste, cannot be captured in words, but savoured cold, in the heat of a good moment. (I can’t believe I made that up).

*Sips Budweiser*

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