Olmeca Tequila Gold 750ml
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Olmeca Tequila Gold 750ml


Olmeca Tequila is a hand-crafted Tequila made with authentic, traditional methods at the heart of Los Altos, Mexico.

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Olmeca Tequila Gold is one with a perfect balance of tanginess and sweet overtones.

A blend of young and aged tequilas, Olmeca Tequila Gold is a hand-crafted drink that uses traditional methods from the town of Los Altos in Mexico.

It pours a pale straw colour with fruity aromas of, hints of sweet and citric, along with a touch of smoke, which is slightly woody. The taste is sweet with notes of honey flavours and a smoky hint of black pepper. The finish leaves a distinctive note of coconut that balances with flashes of hot cinnamon.

Though meant to be taken neat, Olmeca Gold is a favourite as a base for a number of cocktails.

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