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Characterized by subtle notes of orange and caramel, Martini Rosso has got a unique perfume, rich herbal notes and unmistakable dark colour. Mix it with lemonade or cranberry juice for the perfect summertime cooler.

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First created by Martini in 1863, Martini Rosso is the authentic vermouth: natural, elegant and refreshing. Martini’s original recipe remains guarded under lock and key.The original Martini was conjured under the inspired nose of Luigi Rossi and masters know it only by scent and taste. Over 500 botanical samples pass under the experts’ nose each year, and only their combined experience can maintain Luigi Rossi’s legacy.  Since the sun-blushed days of 1863, a devoted selection of regional herbs are at its heart, and natural caramel imparts its rich scarlet hue. An icon of Italy.

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