CÎROC Vodka 750ml
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CÎROC Vodka 750ml


Ciroc Vodka is made exclusively from snap-frost grapes grown in the Cognac region of France. Cold fermented to preserve freshness and fruit character then distilled 5 times for the distinct quality.

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The Ciroc Vodka is not just any other vodka; it is one you’d want to be seen sipping on. Take it from us. (Our word, not the vodka. Or you can take the vodka as well). Worth mentioning, the Ciroc Vodka is “against the grain.”  Its production uses the techniques of vinification, fermentation and cold maceration from the very best of French grapes, grown near Gaul and the region of Cognac. This grape-based vodka is a full-bodied drink with a soft, fruity aroma. Works well with cocktails.

But what makes the Ciroc Vodka so widely loved? Could be for its smartly tapered purplish bottle, the distinct tasting notes; hints of orange and anise, or how it goes down smoothly with very little burn, or its viney, stemmy aftertaste.  Whichever the case, we’re just speculating. Sampling it would make you a better judge.

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