Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin Cognac

Rooted in exception since 1724, Rémy Martin has produced cognacs to the highest requirements of excellence. From its family and winegrowing origins, our House embraces the values of time, patience, rarity and excellence, which served as a guide when creating the various visits and receptions that
we offer.

A unique terroir

Tempered by an ocean breeze, the cognac terroir is unique. In the Grande and Petite Champagne vineyards, the limestone rocks reflect the sun onto the grapes, the main variety grown being Ugni Blanc.

Exclusively grande and petite champagne

Rémy Martin produces its cognacs with eaux-de-vie originating exclusively from the Grande and Petite Champagne areas. These are the most prestigious crus where the chalk in the subsoil is soft and clay is rare, to produce fine, round eauxde-vie. Our cognacs have the Cognac Fine Champagne appellation.

Rémy Martin Cognac
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