Whiskey Vs. Whisky: What’s The Difference?

Whiskey or Whisky? Is there any real difference between the two? What’s the correct spelling? Does the one-letter difference in any way compromise the quality?

Whiskey of Whisky?

It is a question of the age-old debate, which one came first, the chicken or the egg? All we know is that the chicken crossed the road. The millennium-long battle between whiskey and whisky lovers rages on. What’s the correct spelling? Does it have an ‘e’ or someone just wants more vowels in the word?


Three Main Differences:

Grammatically, there may be no clear difference as they almost mean the same thing. But according to the origin, yes. Any type of Scotch; Buchanan’s, Johnnie Walker and other members of the Scottish family use the term Whisky. Canadians, Australians, Japanese, Europeans also refer to it as whisky. However, drinks from Ireland and the United States; the Jameson’s and Jack Daniels’ of this world fall into the other category with an extra vowel.

But the difference goes beyond the geography; it has to do with the ingredients and distillation, as well. Scotch, or Whisky, is mostly made from malted barley, while Bourbon or whiskey is made mostly from corn.

The distillation process is also a factor that sets the two apart. Whisky or Scotch undergoes double distillation while Whiskey undergoes triple distillation for an even smoother taste. A good example would be Jameson Irish Whiskey.

However, the most important thing is not the spelling; it is all in savouring the texture, the range of flavours and the memorable finish left on the palates from our drinks of choice.

Fun fact: Did you know that Whiskey was given its name from the Gaelic beverage uiscebeatha, which translates to ‘water of life’?

Whiskey served on the rocks.

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