trappist beer

Trappist – A Beer by the Monks.

Ever heard monks who brew beer?

Often times, when we talk of monks, the conversations revolve around inner peace, or mind, body and spirit control. But when it comes to Trappist Monks, it’s a different kind of story altogether. Theirs is the story of booze – the Trappist Beer. Beer that they brew to pay for their work and other good causes in the communities around them.

Oh, and you are mistaken if you think a Trappist beer would make you meditate longer or even have greater control of the energies around you. Trappist is a beer, like any other that you know, only special.

trappist beerWhat you need to know about the Trappist Beer.

Their story is almost as old as time itself. Trappist monks started brewing in France back in the 16th Century. Other religious movements would later emerge across Europe, each with their own monasteries/breweries, leading to the growing popularity in Europe. Most of the breweries were however destroyed during the French Revolution and the World Wars.

Today, Trappist monasteries/breweries are rare. There only exist 12 known in the world. 6 in Belgium, 2 in Netherlands and 1 in both Austria, Italy, United States and the United Kingdom. They are all part of the International Trappist Association (ITA); a private association that protects the Trappist name from abuse.

The Trappist beers:

For a beer to qualify as a Trappist beer, it must at least meet the following qualifications:

  1. The beer must be brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery, either by the monks themselves or under their supervision.
  2. The brewery must be of secondary importance within the monastery and it should witness to the business practices proper to a monastic way of life.
  3. The brewery is not intended to be a profit-making venture. The income covers the living expenses of the monks and the maintenance of the buildings and grounds. Whatever remains is donated to charity for social work and to help people in need.

Types of Trappist Beers:

Back in the day, beer bottles were unlabeled. The various Trappist Beers could only be identified by their bottle tops. The enlightened ones used colours to identify the beers with their various strengths.

This technique was however not to last as soon they invented the naming system.

Today, there are 3 known classes of Trappist beers, namely:

  1. Enkel, meaning single. These are weaker beers. Originally brewed for the monks’ own consumption.
  2. Dubbel, meaning double. Fairly strong with a 6%-8% ABV.
  3. Tripel, meaning triple. Strongest beer in the Trappist range, with an ABV of about 8%-10%

Whichever style you settle for, drinking Trappist beer will not only give you the pleasant experience one gets from a good brew, but also a deeper connection with the master hands behind them.

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