Scanning to tell whether product is genuine or fake.

Genuine or Counterfeit? How To Tell.

The war against counterfeits in the country is on a gradual rise. According to the Anti-Counterfeiting Agency (ACA), alcoholic drinks make the top-5 list of the most affected items.

Scanning to tell whether product is genuine or fake.

Counterfeit trafficking stands for seven percent of the world’s trade. Local bodies like Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) have been on the forefront educating the consumer on how to protect themselves against exploitation. But counterfeiters are getting smarter and more innovative, with ways likely to fool even the most experienced eye. Thanks to advancement in technology, here are a two out of the many Smartphone Apps that you can use to find counterfeit liquor in Kenya:

  1. Using KRA’s Soma Label App to identify counterfeit. 
KRA's Anti-counterfeit App on Playstore.
KRA’s Soma Label App on PlayStore.

KRA, in their bid to tackle tax evasion, consumer exploitation and counterfeit trading, recently launched Soma Label App.

How It Works:

The Soma Label App works by scanning the Quick Response Code (QRC) of a product, then it displays the product details, i.e., Name of Product, Manufacturer, Batch Number, Date of Manufacture, and Expiry Date.  The QRC is a new generation stamp, under the Electronic Goods Management System (EGMS), whose aim is to combat illicit trade and sealing revenue leakage loopholes, therefore enhancing compliance. So how do you tell whether a product is genuine or a counterfeit? When using the Soma Label app and the product’s Quick Response Code matches the database of KRA, it means the taxes on this product were paid for and the company importing the drink has its details registered with KRA. If the App does not give you a positive feedback with details, the chance is high it was brought in illicitly and might be counterfeit.

  1. Using the KEBS APP:
Identifying genuine from counterfeit using the KEBS App.
KEBS’ App on PlayStore

How it Works

Just like KRA’s Soma Label, the KEBS App works by scanning a product’s Barcode. Genuine products, after scanning using the App, should reveal details about the product, such as Importer Name, Brand Name, Product Name and Country of Origin.

KEBS also introduced a text messaging service for consumers on its 40th anniversary, where consumers are needed to use mobile short messaging service to send a product’s code to 20023 for an instant feedback about the product’s validity.

You can rest assured Oaks & Corks only works with genuine partners and on top we do regular checks on the drinks we receive. You can order for genuine wine, beer or liquor from us here.


  1. I am thoroughly impressed by your service. Only
    thing i would have requested for is the box/packaging the drink cans in, more so for gifting purposes.

    I am so happy I discovered you Oaks n Corks
    Definitely recommending you.


    1. Sven (Oaks & Corks)

      Thank you so much! And thanks for the feedback about the packaging, we’ll work on it!

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