Crazy Hangover Cures From Around the World.

As long as there has been alcohol and humans have known about it, there have been hangovers. And as long as there have been hangovers, humans have been scrambling to find a cure for them. For so many of us, a night of drinking can lead to a painful morning after, with a wicked headache, a terrible mood and lets not even talk about that nauseated feeling that comes right before you puke! One thing is for sure, different people have created their own different ways of curing their hangovers. We have listed some of the most bizarre hangover cures that exist in different parts of the world. Perhaps the next time you’ve lost a battle with the bottle, you can try them out and let us know if they work.

Licking Your Own Sweat      

We all know getting up and hitting the gym is proven to help some heal from their awful hangovers, however, just a few decades ago, some Native American tribes took it a step further and invented the “sweat swishing method”. This was known as one of the best ways to get rid of that pesky hangover. What you do is, take some time to stretch and build muscle through exercise. Lick up the sweat that your body has accumulated, swish it around your mouth and spit it out right after. This step is believed to successfully expel the poison that caused the hangover. You should note that if you fail to spit it all out immediately after the swish, it will not work and you will still be have a hangover. Hmmm, how do you feel about licking your own pits?

Lemon Juice on Your Armpits

This is a Puerto Rican folk remedy. Slicing a lemon and rubbing the wedge under your armpit just before a night out is believed to ward off any kind of hangover symptom. It is said that your armpit will absorb the lemon juice and it will keep you hydrated all night long. Some versions say that you only need to rub the lemon slice on your drinking arm. One thing is for sure, rubbing a lemon under your armpit will cure you of wanting to shave ever again. Ouch!

Drinking Bull Penis Soup

The Caldo de cadran or bull penis soup, is the national hangover cure of Bolivia. This specialty is preety flamboyant to behold.  The penises are served whole and they average about a foot and a half in length. The penis is simmered in a rich concentrated broth for about 10 hours. It is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins making it the ideal antidote to cure your hangover. This dish is considered an aphrodisiac with evidence showing that it can also cure back pain. I don’t know about this, sounds tasty but I’d have to wash it down with something else.

A Hot Cup of Rabbit Poo

Nothing like starting your day with a nice, warm mug of rabbit dung, am I right? This remedy originates from the American West region. Cowboys chose to combat their hangovers by picking some rabbit pellets and making tea out of them.  Rabbit poop contains salts and nutrients such as potassium that may have been depleted while you were drinking all night long. According to different sources, rabbit poop could actually be helpful on those rough mornings. These days, however, you can just eat a banana and get your extra potassium but you could also try this at your own risk.

Voodoo in Haiti

When it comes to curing a hangover, Haitians choose to take a more aggressive approach. When the bottle is punishing you, it is time for you to punish the bottle. Just like sticking needles into a vodoo doll, some Haitians believe that piercing 13 pins into the cork of the bottle that inflicted the hangover will relieve your pain. Something else that is interesting about this ritual is that all the pins must be black. This practice is said to expel all aches and nauseated feelings from the body. Hey, who knows if this will work, but at least there is no bull penis or rabbit poop in sight.

Do They Actually Work?

As you can see, there is no shortage of purported hangover cures. Let’s be honest, a lot of the steps mentioned here are weird yet brilliant. A few of them are actually backed by science. We can’t vouch for the efficacy of any of these remedies, but you can let us know, what is your favorite hangover cure?

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