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  • Margarita Cocktail Recipe

    Margarita Cocktail Recipe.

    This Margarita Cocktail recipe is one of the classics. No fancy ingredients required. Just simple and straightforward for whenever the thirst strikes. Learn how to make a Margarita Cocktail here.

  • Whiskey etiquette

    Whiskey Etiquette Guaranteed to Make you Look Good.

    Here are some whiskey etiquette that will not only make you sound smart, but also make you look good on your next whiskey-drinking endeavor.

  • Alternative Uses of Gin

    Alternative Uses of Gin Apart From Drinking.

    Gin is a liquor that we have grown to love and enjoy in its form varietals. But could there be other uses if Gin apart from the refreshing martinis? Find out here.

  • drinking vodka the russian way

    How to Drink Vodka Like a Russian

    In Russia, the point of drinking vodka is not getting drunk, but enjoying the spirits of the land and the craftsmanship behind them. Learn more here:

  • Father's Day Whisky

    Single Malt Whiskys to Gift Your Dad This Father’s Day.

    Looking for the perfect gift to reward your old man with on Father’s Day? Here is a list of Single Malt Whiskies you can choose from.

  • stoli citro bloody mary cocktail recipe

    How to Make a Stolichnaya Bloody Mary

    We could have called it Stolichnaya Citrus Bloody Mary, but that would have been way too long to be a cool name. So, Stoli Citros Bloody Mary it is! Here is how you can make one at home.

  • four ways to drink whiskey

    Four Ways to Enjoy a Dram

    Whiskey is a classic spirit that men have enjoyed for centuries. But even then, it is still unclear what the right way of enjoying oneself a bottle of golden fire is. Here are some four ways to drink whiskey.

  • Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

    Manhattan Cocktail: The Whiskey-Forward Recipe.

    Now there are countless variations of the Manhattan Cocktail out there. But they are not fun. (Okay, they are less fun, compared to what we have here). Here is a simple recipe to a proper, whiskey-forward Manhattan Cocktail.

  • Irish Derby Cocktail recipe

    How to Make the Irish Derby Cocktail

    Everyone goes green on St. Patrick’s. Green beer, green whiskey, green underwear, green everything! But let us break some rules this time and go for something red instead. (Red because… well, it is badass. And who doesn’t want to pretend to be a badass every now and again?)

  • valentine's cocktails recipes

    Top 4 Valentine’s Cocktails: Celebrate Love in Every Sip.

    There are a number of activities you can actually enjoy doing (with your cloths on) on Valentine’s, like making cocktails. Here are some simple Valentine cocktail recipes you can try out with your loved one this season.

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