Men’s Conference

Best Beers that were Served during the Men’s Conference

Men's Conference
Men’s Conference

For a very long time, the Kenya’s men’s conference has been considered total fiction with a ton of people stating that the event is just a silly attempt to escape their significant others and the responsibilities of Valentine’s Day. However, a great number of men maintain that this highly publicized event is an empowerment conference meant to elevate the boy child. The 2021 Men’s conference was expertly coordinated with a matching program, complete with a Master of Ceremony, special speakers and an agenda for the entire three days. One of the best things about the conference was the beverage choices. The men-folk were served with really, really good beer! Beer always makes the event extra festive and it was an inexpensive way for the guys to engage in the constructive conversations that were going on. Thanks to Oaks and Corks, only tasty and affordable beers were on rotation during the three day conference. Here is a quick preview of some of the beers served.

Guinness Smooth at 195/-

Guinness is well known as a True Session Brew. It is a beautiful deep black with a rich, thick, creamy head that perfectly laces the glass. For those of us who were looking for a smooth, dry stout, this was definitely an excellent serve. The unique burnt toffee aftertaste made me yearn for that next sip. It is very well made and it’s clear why brewers and beer drinkers alike have all enjoyed and respected this beer for decades.

Barbican Beer at Ksh.105

For those who were looking to enjoy the taste of good beer, without the effects of alcohol, Barbican Beers were the best option. These delicious non-alcoholic malt drinks are brewed from the United Arab Emirates. Barbican has a variety of refreshing fruity flavors that are of great quality and excellent taste. They were seriously enjoyed over the beefy meals that were served during the conference.

Tusker Premium Ale at 250/-

There were a number of men in the conference who admitted that they do not enjoy binging on lagers, however, just one single sip of the Tusker Premium Ale reminded them of the time lagers were absolutely tasty. The beer pours a bright light yellow straw with decent white head. In time, the head recedes to a single layer of bubbles, leaving a slim lacing. There’s a sweet aroma featuring honey malt and flowers. With every sip, we got to enjoy the full flavored tart taste that comes with a pale malt presence and a hint of big grassy hops. The mouthfeel is medium-bodied with an above average carbonation level and the nice dry finish was a tasty advantage. Overall this clean refreshing lager is capable of subduing any thirst.

Oettinger Pils at Ksh.200/-

This fully imported German beer is canned in a little 330ml can and it was available at a more than reasonable price. The beer is very clean and pours with a light gold jello color with a decent ½ inch head. I noticed a hint of a glucose aroma. It is a delicious crisp beer, that tasted so good with the zing of the saaz hops. Oettinger is so refreshing and does the trick as a summer drink. It also increased the excitement during the three day conference.

Bavaria 8.6 Original at 200/-

One of the first thing I noticed about the 8.6 Extreme beer was the head. It was a big one! So watch out for that as you pour it into your glass. This strong European lager has a deep golden appearance making it slightly darker than most lagers. With every sip, you get to enjoy a fine alcoholic lager taste with a smooth medium body. It is slightly creamy with hints of vanilla and eggnog. In the mouth it is medium bodied with a distinct edge that is smooth and sugary. The sweet malts come in handy at overpowering the sharp alcohol content. The aftertaste is smooth and dry making the drink taste better sip after sip.

Take Home Points from the Men’s Conference

The men’s conference really does create a safe space for the male specie to voice out all their issues. God knows a steady flow of tasty beers made the conversation more lively and the feedback a lot more honest. The best part was that, Oaks and Corks was so quick and efficient throughout the three-day event. Generations to come will definitely appreciate the great service and the lessons taught right before we got back home.





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