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  • Bizzare Hangover Cures

    Crazy Hangover Cures From Around the World.

    As long as there has been alcohol and humans have known about it, there have been hangovers. And as long as there have been hangovers, humans have been scrambling to find a cure for them. For so many of us, a night of drinking can lead to a painful morning after, with a wicked headache, …

  • Dry January – How to Make Your Own Tasty Cocktails At Home

    Dry January – How to Make Your Own Tasty Cocktails At Home

    It’s no secret, clubbing in Nairobi is an expensive affair. From buying a drink, to biting on a few tasty treats and once you factor in the cab fare to and from the club, you can easily squander thousands of shilling in just a few hours. In the spirit of Dry January, here at Oaks …

  • 2 Must Try Vodka Coctails for Your Next Party

    If you are a vodka lover, then you are probably tired of the everyday Gin and tonic cocktails. But before you give up on Vodka all together, below are some 2 must-try recipes for your next party. Lime Matcha Cocktail As the name suggests, this refreshingly tangy and fizzy vodka cocktail is forward on matcha, …

  • Bongani Robusto Cigars

    Bongani Robusto – Africa’s First Premium Cigar

    What started as a passion for creating quality cigars right here in Africa led to the production of Africa’s first ever premium cigar – the Bongani. Now with a presence in South Africa, Kenya, and of course, Mozambique. Find out more here.

  • Skyy Vodka

    Top Four Budget Vodkas for January

    Tis the season! And it screams nothing but bills, bills, and more bills. But the B word should not be the reason you stop your long-standing traditions like enjoying a good drink! In this article, we share with you, in no particular order, a list of budget vodkas that you can still enjoy during this …

  • four easy to make cocktails

    Four Easy to Make Cocktails for The Festive Season

    Nothing says Festive better than a refreshing cocktail that can be enjoyed with loved ones. In this very straight-forward article, we share with you not just one, but four easy to make cocktails that you should try out!

  • top five scotch whiskies

    Top Five Must Try Whiskies This December

    With the festive season just around the corner, you are understandably spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which drinks to enjoy with the gang.
    Check out our top five Scotch Whiskies that ought to be in your must-tries list this month of December!

  • Méthode Cap Classique

    Méthode Cap Classique – All you Need to Know!

    Did you know that there are only 2.5 million bottles of Méthode Cap Classique made each year, compared to Champagne’s 400 million? Learn more here!

  • Benefits of drinking red wine

    They say Red Wine is Good for You. But is it?

    We uncovered the benefits of drinking red wine that they never get to advertise! Here are some legitimate reasons to open a bottle more often:

  • Bumbu Rum Cocktails

    Bumbu Rum Cocktails That you Have Been Missing out On.

    The D6 Cocktail and the Freaky Tiki Cocktail are two refreshing Bumbu Rum Cocktails that you have been missing out on bigtime! Here’s how to make them!

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