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  • four ways to drink whiskey

    Four Ways to Enjoy a Drum

    Whiskey is a classic spirit that men have enjoyed for centuries. But even then, it is still unclear what the right way of enjoying oneself a bottle of golden fire is. Here are some four ways to drink whiskey.

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  • Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

    Manhattan Cocktail: The Whiskey-Forward Recipe.

    Now there are countless variations of the Manhattan Cocktail out there. But they are not fun. (Okay, they are less fun, compared to what we have here). Here is a simple recipe to a proper, whiskey-forward Manhattan Cocktail.

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  • Irish Derby Cocktail recipe

    How to Make the Irish Derby Cocktail

    Everyone goes green on St. Patrick’s. Green beer, green whiskey, green underwear, green everything! But let us break some rules this time and go for something red instead. (Red because… well, it is badass. And who doesn’t want to pretend to be a badass every now and again?)

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  • Shelf Life of a Beer

    Shelf Life of a Beer.

    Beer should last for 6-12 months. When refrigerated, it is likely to stay safe for consumption for a period of up to 2 years. Learn more about the shelf life of a beer here.

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  • valentine's cocktails recipes

    Top 4 Valentine’s Cocktails: Celebrate Love in Every Sip.

    There are a number of activities you can actually enjoy doing (with your cloths on) on Valentine’s, like making cocktails. Here are some simple Valentine cocktail recipes you can try out with your loved one this season.

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  • Jameson Irish Whisky

    Jameson Irish Whiskey: From Grain to Glass.

    Jameson Irish Whiskey comes from a single distillery in Cork, Ireland. It is a unique mixture of grain, single malt, and single-pot-still spirits, aged for seven years. Read more about how it is made here:

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  • Classic Pina Colada Cocktail Recipe

    How to Make the Classic Pina Colada Cocktail

    Here is a fun fact about the Classic Pina Colada Cocktail: It has been the national drink of Puerto Rico since 1978! Want to know how it’s made? Learn here!

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  • crystal clear ice for cocktails

    How to Make Crystal Clear Ice Cubes for Your Cocktails.

    Ice cubes should be more than just coolants for your cocktails. With a little extra time, you can easily step-up your presentation game with nice, crystal clear ice cubes, adding a touch of elegance to your drink.

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  • top 10 affordable drinks

    Top-10 Affordable Drinks to Enjoy This Month.

    Here is our top-10 list of affordable drinks to help journey back to a few weeks ago when we all smelt of money, and had absolutely no reason to play hide and seek with the landlords.

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  • wine and food pairing

    Wine and Food Pairing Tips.

    Washing down that sumptuous meal with a glass of wine is what makes the dining experience even more rewarding. Here are some wine and food pairing tips you could use this festive season:

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